Ecology and chess pattern – our ideology

Egology (ego – person, logos – science) is science for dealing with personal problems, created by the ideologist of  “Chovekolubie” association Dr Emil  Markov. It enables everyone to develop effective strategies to deal with current and future problems and in a way that does not create other, more serious problems. In the Association we believe that through the utilization of the chess game and the transfer of skills in our lives, we can be more successful people. The essence of the chess model is the use of chess as a model for the world which would enable better understanding of life. In the game of chess , as in life, people feel worse when they have no clarity about the situation, they believe will lose and there is no chance for positive change in the future. The game of chess trains people to understand the situation, to analyze options, to accept losses as a step towards self-improvement, to be self-reliant and to seek help in difficult situations.