Occupational therapy in the Center “Chovekolubie”

13 July, 2020

From the beginning of June, all clients of the Center Chovekolubie actively participate in the classes of occupational therapy. The participants acquire and develop work skills with the help to the leader of the programme for the work rehabilitation. They take care of the vegetable garden, sort and arrange secondary raw materials, clean the alleys and lawns in the yard of the social service. Everyone is happy to participate in activities with that develop their work skills, increase their activity and give the opportunity to communicate well with other participants.

After the work, a delicious lunch is organized, prepared by the members of the club “Delicious”. The day ends with an organizational meeting, in which  the requests of the participants are discussed and decisions are made.The events under the Healthy Living program are planned,which is held on Thursday.

Classes are held in strict compliance with safety measures in the conditions an extraordinary epidemiological situation due to the danger of COVID 19.

Chovekolubie Center in anticipation of Christmas

12 December, 2019

During the week, in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, members of the Social Club “Chovekolubie” decorated a Christmas tree and put on a holiday decoration. On December 9, club members attended the lighting of the Christmas tree lights at K. Square. Velichkov in Pazardzhik.

In a festive atmosphere and positive mood, on December 12 at the Center Chovekolubie was held the last yearly session of the program for the rehabilitation of everyday skills – Club Tasty.

The luncheon was prepared with the participation of trainees from Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Center in Pazardzik. The day ended with a video club at the Nikola Furnadzhiev Regional Library, where representatives of the social service watched the movie “White Christmas”.

The Center Chovekolubie will celebrate Christmas on December 17th at Trakia Restaurant.


The Evening of the sportsman

29 November, 2019

On November 29, 2019 at the Trakia Hotel, Pazardzhik, held the 22rd Evening of the sportsmen – the official closing of the 24th Municipal Worker Sports Games. The manager of the Association “Chovekolubie” – Mrs. Nadezhda Kuzermanova, was selected as the best chess player in the ranking of the 10 best sportsmens of the labor sport by Pazardzhik municipality for 2019. Mr. Todor Popov – The Mayor of Pazardzhik, gave the prize.

The Center “Chovekolubie” received the “Pazardzhik Cup 21st Century” for mass participation for its participation in the sports events at the labor games during the year.