The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden is located in the area of the Centre for mental health and it is a program for rehabilitation of working skills included in the social service Centre for social rehabilitation and integration (CSRI). The vegetable garden has existed since 2001.

The clients of the social service take care of the vegetable garden. They regularly water, weed out, plant and dig it. They acquire general knowledge about the vegetables and their cultivation. Strawberries, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, parsley, cabbage and other fruit and vegetables are grown in the garden. We conserve a part of our own products. We also use some product in our club “Tasty” which is a part of the program for rehabilitation of household skills. This program is one of the programs which are developed in the Center for social rehabilitation and integration “Chovekolubie” (“Philanthropy”).

Sometimes we sell some vegetables and fruit and the money from this sales is invested in the social programs of the Centre and supporting of the poorest clients. The supporting is an activity of the program “Social dining room”.

Every Friday the clients of the CSRI “Chovekolubie” participate in preparing lunch by themselves in program for rehabilitation of house hold skills.

The vegetable garden is the place where the clients of the CSRI “Chovekolubie” develop their working skills. Unfortunately, the vegetable garden is going to become a private property because of the Municipality Pazardzhik refused to renew the agreement for using from Association “Chovekolubie”.