The publishing of Association “Chovekolubie” started with the launching of magazine “Chovekolubie”, which contains information for protecting and improving mental health. In the period 2000-2007 5 editions were published as they were financed by other people. The association writes multiples and spreads a monthly bulletin with information for its activity since the aim is to overcome the stigma in society for mental illness and to increase the psychological literacy of local community. The association also makes a notice board with the most important events for the month.
In 2012 along with the realization of the project “Life in community” were released the following: a manual for professionals in organizations for psychosocial rehabilitation, a manual for clients of psychological services for work with institutions and a collection of lectures of the National University for mental health. In 2015 on a project “Social engagement of people with deteriorated mental health in municipality Strelcha” a collection of reports from First Science Applied Conference “Mental health and social services in the community- problems and solutions” was drafted.