Shop and pavilion

A shop for honey and bee products “Honey fairytale” and a pavilion for snacks were opened on 20th May 2006.

We also sell books about healthy lifestyle and herbs in the shop. The shop was renamed    “Seven dwarfs” on 3rd December 2009. In the shop we started offering gifts and souvenirs made by people with disabilities, who participated in a work rehabilitation program in the Municipality of Pazardzhik.

We sold confectionary, soft drinks, tea, pancake, sandwiches and etc. in the pavilion. We also built a ground for eating outside.

CSRI clients worked in the shop and the pavilion. They had trained for sales – assistants. We also provided a position for a buyer.

The shop “Seven dwarfs” and the pavilion for snacks finished their activity in September 2011 because of finishing the National program for employment of  people with disabilities and refusing of the Municipality Pazardzhik to renew the agreement for using  the land on which  is located the building.