Atelie 99

The workshop has existed since 1999 when in the Youth house – Pazardzhik,  Association “Chovekoloubie” members started to make and sell martenitsas for the first time in order to solve the problem with unemployment and low income. In 2001 the workshop was detached in the Centre for mental health. It has exited as a program of CSRI “Chovekolubie”. CSRI clients work in the workshop. The activity was widened gradually with produce of cards, dolls, mosaics, drаwn  porcelain and glass crockery,pads for warm serving made of maize leaves, wax figures. Souvenirs are offered for sale in different shops. General market wasSofia, where our products were offered in the shop “Traditsia”. Now our products are exhibited on an advert stand of the Social enterprise “Chovekolubie”. We participate in exhibition-bazaars.

CSRI clients sell our martenitsas in February and March. A part of the money is used for financial help of program participants and the rest money are reinvested.