Our organization works for the development of the human potential and for making the psychological health as value for the personality and society.

  • Egology and chess pattern – our ideology

    Egology (ego – person, logos – science) is science for dealing with personal problems, created by the ideologist of “Chovekolubie” association Dr Emil Markov. It enables everyone to develop effective strategies to deal with current and future problems and in a way that does not create other, more serious problems.
  • center
  • Center for Mental Health “Chovekolubie” – soul home

    Center for Mental Health "Chovekolubie" was opened in 2001 and operates on the principles of open society - every citizen has the right to come to us, join our activities, participate in decisions, make recommendations, and vote for them. This is a place where every person can do something good for their soul.
  • project
  • Center for social support – Strelcha

    The project "Social inclusion of people with poor mental health in Municipality Strelcha" is financed within the program to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. Target group is people with poor mental health and project’s duration is 16 months.