The Ladies of Chovekolubie Chess Club are the first in the Chess Tournement

For one more year the ladies of Center “Chovekolubie” demonstrated excellent chess skills and won the first place of the 22 municipal workerschess tournement “Hristo Botev”. The event was held from 26 to 29 March 2019 in Pazardzhik.

The female team of Chovekolubie Chess Club – Nadezhda Kuzermanova (first chessboard) and Maria Nourieva (second chessboard) overcame the resistance of the teams and deservedly received the cup.

Maria Nourieva – one of the “golden girls” of the Center “Chovekolubie” – is a personal example for the members of the club. She gives them chess skills and knowledge. She was a partner of Fanka Vassileva, who in 2018 ranked among the top 10 athletes as the best chess player in the workerssport for the Pazardzhik region.

Every year representatives of Chovekolubie Chess Club participate actively in a workerssport at the invitation of the chairman of the Municipal Workers’ Sports Club – Mr. Ivan Simeonov. Club members demonstrate a sporty game and excellent results, which strengthens their self-esteem of good athletes and full participants in the life of the local community.