Activity of the “Mobile Services” program

Every week a specialist from the Center for social rehabilitation and integration of people with mental problems “Chovekolubie” in the town of Pazardzhik take care of the clients of the “Mobile Services” program in the town of Septemvri. The program includes club meetings as well as home visitations. The meetings take place at the building of the Chovekolubie Mental Health Center, 26 “Bulgaria” blvd.

In March, the clients of this program actively joined the life of the local community. On the 1st of March, the Baba Marta Holiday was celebrated, as a part of the 25 Years Chovekolubie Association Anniversary. Martenitsas were given out to citizens, doctors, members of local institutions – Municipality of Septemvri, “Social Support” association, the Job Center. The celebration finished with a lunch at the local “Cottage Café”, where the participants of the initiative shared their impressions.

The members of the Center also commemorated the 8th of March – the International Women’s Day. They learned about the history of the holiday and made a tasty lunch as a part of the program for rehabilitation and household skills “Tasty-Club”. Psychological Consultations took place with help of an intern of the Chovekolubie Center – Deyan Stoyanov.

On the 22th of March, the participants of the “Mobile Services” Program will celebrate the Day of Spring.