Economic activity

Association “Chovekolubie” has started to do its economic activity since 1999 with the realization of an idea to product martenitcas by people with mental health problems. So the workshop created later for workmanship of different souvenirs was named “Workshop 99”. The producing items were offered for sale in different shops.

We gradually developed other activities: pedlary, scraps point and vegetable production. A shop for honey and bee products “Honey cake” and a pavilion for tea and snacks were built in 2006. The shop was renamed “The Seven Dwarfs” on 3rd December 2009. Since then the souvenirs, made by participants of the programs for work rehabilitation of the Institutions, giving social services in Pazardzik have been offered for sale in the shop. In both shops sales assistants are people with mental health problems.

Unfortunately, the future of the social enterprise “Chovekolubie” is uncertain. Its facilities are at risk, because they are faced with becoming a private property. So the only place in Pazardzik, which provides vacancies for the most vulnerable people, can become “a victim” of private interests.

*CSRI – Centre for social rehabilitation and integration


 The social enterprise “Chovekolubie”

Atelie 99

Vegetable garden

The scraps point

Shop and pavilion